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Year 4

In learning outside the classroom so far this term, we have completed a mindfulness scavenger hunt where the children had certain objects to find based on their likes/dislikes. We then collected items to create an autumn tree. We created them back in the classroom. We also carried out a Remembrance Day activity during learning outside the classroom. The children used natural resources to make a war medal. They also wrote what the medals were given for such as bravery, selflessness and heroic effort. The children then had some poppy paper to write either their own poem or prayer. The outcome was brilliant, the children worked respectfully and diligently. During friendship week, initially the children watched a short Pixar clip about a group of birds that are mean to another bird. We discussed the message in the story. With that in mind, outside we created some drama pieces. The children had to create a scenario where someone was being bullied and how it was going to get resolved. The children dealt with this task really maturely and showed some wonderful performances.

October/November 2022 Learning Outside the Classroom update


In year 4’s outdoor learning sessions, we have done a wide range of activities. A lesson that the children really enjoyed was a session where we did a blend of mental health activity  with English. The children gathered together and closed their eyes. The children were asked to focus on the sounds and sights around them. We had some quiet minutes of reflection. The children then wrote a sentence about what they could hear and see around them. After this, the children went round the outdoor learning area and wrote a sentence about another part of the outdoor zone. The children then teamed up with two others to put their sentences together which formed unintentionally beautiful poems about autumn. The children then read them aloud to their classmates. In another session, we had an art focus where the children took out hoops and laid them in a spot of their choosing. The children could gather a few natural materials to make their hoop quadrant more interesting if they wanted. They then sketched what they could see in the hoop. We spoke about how we can show colour using just a sketching pencil by using shading.




In outdoor learning this week (23.09.2022), we took inspiration from our RE lesson which was learning all about the story of Jacob and his brother Esau. The children learnt the story the day before and then in outdoor learning became actors to retell the story. We got in groups of 4 and chose directors who would lead and support their group in delivering the story. The children were encouraged to use the outdoor learning as their stage and work out how they would project their voices for the benefit of the audience. We then gathered to watch the performances.