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As a family we live, love, learn and celebrate with Jesus

Year 3

As a family we live, love, learn and celebrate with Jesus


First Holy Communion Mass

First Holy Communion Mass 1
First Holy Communion Mass 2
First Holy Communion Mass 3
First Holy Communion Mass 4
First Holy Communion Mass 5
First Holy Communion Mass 6
First Holy Communion Mass 7

PE and Chance to Shine Cricket

As you read this letter, millions of families around the world are living in extreme poverty. As you know, our school supports CAFOD, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. With CAFOD, we believe that poverty is not part of God’s plan and that, as a Catholic community, we should not give up on the world’s poorest people. This Lent we are supporting CAFOD to help to change this to build a better world this Lent.

Therefore, as part of CAFOD’s Family Fast Day appeal, we are challenging our pupils to give it up this Lent – to give up something they like and donate the saved money to help build a better world.

 Mahinur lives by a river with her husband Khalek and 12-year-old son Rabiul, who both have disabilities. She relies on fishing in the river to support her family, but last year it dried up and all the fish died. The fish have not returned. Some days the family just drink water for dinner. The good news is that CAFOD is part of the global Church network that reaches to the ends of the earth. We already know where Mahinur is. We know she needs help. And we know how to help. But the reality is that we are forced to turn away one in three requests for help, because we simply do not have enough money to go around. Mahinur’s family is currently part of that one in three.

That’s why your help is so vital. Taking the give it up challenge can be simple.To support this appeal we will be making an image of a fish in the school playground on Friday 15th March 2019. We would like to fill this with loose silver change and then this money will be sent off to CAFOD. You can find out more about this appeal, Manihur’s story and the work CAFOD do by visiting

Please take the challenge and give it up. It will really help make a big difference, helping the poorest communities around the world to feed their families and make a living.

Thank you for supporting your son or daughter in his/her efforts to reach out to the world’s poorest communities.

Miss. Lemon

RE Co-ordinator

Lost Property


Please can you keep your eyes peeled for any small orange football boots that gone missing. If you have them by accident or know where they are please can you return these to the class teacher.


Thank you!

Ash Wednesday KS2 Liturgy

Book Week - Workshop

Drop Everything And Read- Year 3 Enjoying DEAR time

Next week is book week! Thank you to those parents who have offered to come in and support the children by writing with them during the Drop Everything and Write time. Please can you remind your children that they will wearing PJS and bringing in their favourite book to share with their friends on Friday (8.3.19)

Awards assembly is at 9.15 on 8.3.19 and 2 children from each class will share the work they have done during the week.

Ash Wednesday: Ash Wednesday is 6.3.19. Father Norbert will join us for our class Ash Wednesday Liturgies and children will have ashes put on their foreheads during this time. Please ask the class teacher if you require more information about this.

A surprising morning!

When we came into school this morning we saw a piano in the classroom and on it was a parcel. The parcel has question marks written on it. We had to use our 5w’s to ask questions about the classroom and why the piano was there.

We used a picture to help ask questions about it and to do the alphabet verb challenge. We played pass the parcel. In-between the layers were clues written on pieces of paper to help us guess what the text was about. We discovered that the text was called The Bear and the Piano.

Parent curriculum Letter Spring 2019


This term Year 3 will go to the Library on a Tuesday afternoon. If books are not returned they will need to be paid for.




Children must have a pe kit in school. It must comprise of red or black shorts, a red t-shirt with the school logo, plimsolls or trainers. Children must have their hair tied back and no earrings.

If we see that children do not have their pe kit in school or have items missing from it a letter will be sent home notifying you of this.

If children have earrings in of the morning of their pe lessons parents will be telephoned and asked to come to school to take them out. Alternatively, if the children is able to do so they may take them out themselves.


All children have to participate in pe unless they have written permission in the form of a note.


Spare pe kits will be kept in school for children to use if they not have their kit with them.




Today we have been learning all about prepositions!


We watched:

 to help us with our understanding.

We had to close our eyes and when we opened them we discovered Miss Lemon standing on the desk! We had to describe her position using TIME, PLACE and CAUSE


Davina said: Miss Lemon was standing on the table during the Literacy lesson because she wanted to be taller

Michael Rosen's top tips for performing poetry!

Michael Rosen's top tips for performing poetry! 1

Performance poetry 'Coming Home'

In Maths for the next couple of weeks we are looking at solving division problems using formal written methods.


We use the chunking method or repeated subtraction method


and the short division method


Please use the links above to watch the videos for yourself and learn how to support your child at home.

Learning new vocabulary!

Learning new vocabulary! 1
Learning new vocabulary! 2
Learning new vocabulary! 3
Learning new vocabulary! 4

As you can see from the photos above we have been working hard on our new text 'Coming Home'. We were learning about some new vocabulary. We acted out what the words meant and wrote them down in our Magpie Word book!


Our new words are


darting- move or run somewhere rapidly

flitting - move swiftly or lightly

swooping - rapidly downwards through the air

soaring - flying or rising high in the air


Picture 1

Welcome to Year 3!


The children have settled in very well to a new class and a new key stage! They have adapted very well the start of the new year and have already shown what hard working and determined children they are. frown


We worked together to come up with our own set of class rules. We work with the children try to create a happy, safe and fun learning environment.


Each week the homework will be shared in the class web page as will useful information and websites to aid your children's learning.


Please click on the curriculum letter and PowerPoint to give you information as to what your child will be learning this term.


Feel free to come to us with any questions you might have


Miss. Lemon and Mrs. Jobson


Maths - multiples using beads

Literacy - Newspapers

Class Prayers


Morning Prayer


Jesus, Mary and Joseph

we offer you our day.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

guide us at work and play,

Help us to love each other,

so that we may be,

on earth and then in heaven

your Holy Family.





End of Day Prayer


God our Father,

we come to say,

thank you for your love today.

Thank you for our families

and all the friends you give to us.

Guard us in the dark of night

And in the morning send your light.




Year 3 Curriculum Objectives