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The Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Year 3

Monday 30th January 2023

In our LOTC lesson today we were working on our team building skills. We worked as a group to move from one end of the log to the other to get ourselves into height order. Miss Parmley made it hard for us though because we had to work together without talking. 



In our Learning Outside the classroom lessons we have planned and carried out some our our lessons. 


On Monday 23rd January 2023 the children took part in a PSHE  activity where they spoke about the different things that make a good friendship. They then went and found a quiet space and wrote a friendship prayer. We then shared these prayers together at the end of the session.

3rd November 2022 - World Outdoor Classroom Day - We have been learning about Promises and Baptism in our RE lessons. Today we looked at different pieces of artwork of Jesus's Baptism and then used natural resources to make a Baptism Picture

Year 3 Celtic Harmony Camp Trip – Wednesday 28th September 2022

On Wednesday 28th September, Year 3 very excitedly boarded the coach to Celtic Harmony camp in Brickendon. When we arrived we were greeted by out camp leader Cairead and he named us “The Wild Boar tribe.” We enjoyed learning how the Stone Age people made fire, shelters, hunted and gathered and how they used flint to make different weapons. We had great day out and built upon and added to our knowledge of The Stone Age.