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The Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Year 2

May 2023 - Pizza Express


Year 2 really enjoyed their trip to Pizza Express to link with our DT project about making a pizza. They learned about how to stretch the dough and then add the other ingredients. The best bit was being able to eat their pizza at the end!

March 2023


Our Topic in Year 2 is “What a Wonderful World” In LOTC we have sketched the beauty of our local area. The children also did some close up drawings of flowers. We have also been learning to name so common trees and plants in our local area.

In the last few weeks Year 2 have enjoyed making a face using natural objects and going on a shape hunt to find 2D and 3D shapes around the school. We also learned about the different types of tree and how some are evergreen and others are deciduous. The children identified some trees in the school ground by the shape of their leaves.

World Outdoor Classroom Day - 3rd November 2022


In outdoor learning Year 2 enjoyed looking for signs of Autumn and wrote some Autumn list poems. Linked with our science work on materials we have found objects that ae natural or man – made. We also went on a materials hunt to find objects made from metal, plastic, wood or glass.


What is Autumn?


Autumn is

Windy weather,

Animals hibernating,

Starry skies.

Bare trees,

Fun fireworks

That is Autumn




By Sarah

What is Autumn?


Autumn is

Shiny leaves,

Dark skies,

Wet floors,

Falling pine cones,

Short days,

And bare trees.

That is Autumn



By Anika


In outdoor Learning Year 2 have been learning about living things and their habitats. We learned about things that were living, no longer living or never alive. We also went on a minibeast hunt to see what living things we could find in micro habitats. Year 2 also enjoyed sketching trees in the school grounds.