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As a family we live, love, learn and celebrate with Jesus

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school


Ginnette Stevens - Headteacher

Katie Worton-Geer - Deputy Head (Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday)
Octavia Lemon- Acting Deputy Headteacher (Thursday & Fridays)
Jackie Willcocks - School Business Manager


Octavia Lemon                            KS2 Phase Leader

Anoushka Camadoo                     KS1 Phase leader
Sarah Halawa                             EYFS Phase leader



Angela Malone                             Admin Asst/Receptionist

Catherine Cullen                          Admin Asst/Receptionist     



Sophie Smith                               Year 6 Teacher                 

Alex Davies                                 Year 5 Teacher                            

Carmen Costescu                         Year 4 Teacher                 

Octavia Lemon                            Year 3 Teacher                           

Anoushka Camadoo                     Year 2 Teacher                 

Shabina Miller                              Year 1 Teacher                 

Sarah Halawa                              Reception Teacher             

Nicola Piggott                              Nursery Teacher                


Kerry Rutherford                          PPA Teacher (1 day per week)


Pam Bell                                     SENDCO (2 days per week, maternity cover)      


Supporting Staff

June Oudnie                                SEN TA Float/Y6

Ann Jobson                                 SEN Year 3


Emily Pratt                                  Early Years Practitioner –Nursery   

Joanna Stecka                             Early Years Practitioner - Reception


Alwyn Scales                               Nursery Nurse Year 1

Anna McNulty                              TA Year 1/Year 4

Melenie Williams                          TA Year 2

Ariella Tamburello                        TA Year 5


Bruce Robey                                HLTA Year 6 

Roma Digiulio                              HLTA

Angela Malone                             HLTA (French)



Lunchtime staff

Anna McNulty                              Senior Meals Supervisor


Alejandra Kenward                       Meals Supervisor                                            

Ewelina Hinc                                Meals Supervisor                        

Janet Weston                               Meals Supervisor               

Agnieszka Kalawska                      Meal Supervisor


Emily Pratt                                   Meal Supervisor – Nursery

June Oudnie                                 Meal Supervisor - Reception


Doreen Harrison                           Casual MSA (Monday to Friday)

Victoria Leonard                           Casual MSA (Monday & Friday)


Alejandra Kenward                      Breakfast Club

Agnieszka Kalawska                     Breakfast Club        

Joanna Stecka                             Breakfast Club        


Ana McNulty                               Afterschool Club

Janet Weston                             Afterschool Club

Emily Pratt                                 Afterschool Club      


Michael Harrison                         Site Services Manager                            


Susan Everitt                              Cleaner                                     

Julie Clarke                                Contract cleaner                         


First Aiders                              Alwyn Scales

                                                Dionne Turner

      Ana McNulty

      June Oudnie

      Roma Digiulio


Parish Priest                           Fr Norbett Fernandes



Peripetetic                               Caroline Ridley

Music Teacher                         Wendy Brook


Peripetetic                               Lucynda Howard

Art Teacher                             


Peripetetic                               Corrine Stanford










Fr. Norbert Fernandes             Chair of Full Governing Body

                                                 Curriculum committee

       Personnel committee



Mike Cade                                Chair of Resources, Premises, H&S committee

                                                 Vice Chair of Full Governing Body

                                                 Personnel committee

                                                 Disciplinary & Appeals



Moira Mester                            Curriculum committee

                                                 Admissions committee


Spencer White                          Resources & Premises, H&S

                                                 Curriculum committee

                                                 DPO Officer


Sarah Cafferty                          Curriculum committee

                                                 Admissions committee

                                                 Health & Safety 


Nadia Perkins


Trevor Smith