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Whole school writing project

November 2018

In September 2018 the author Jack Trelawny came to visit children at Holy Family School.

He gave an excellent workshop of how to move children from ideas to writing. In Jack’s Erthwurld the 'mutationeers' have been making mutants by mixing up the animals, birds, fish, insects, and plants for a thousand years. As you can imagine, they've made some pretty weird and wonderful mutants!

In Jack’s Edutainment show they were able to name, and describe their own strange, mixed-up creatures.

He used one picture which created lots of different and creative ideas from the children.

We at Holy Family thought that this would be a great stimulus for writing for a whole school project (especially to encourage boy’s writing).

Jack tells the children the more he finds out about the real world, the more ideas he has for his stories. The mutant theme derives from the author’s imagined proliferation of genetically engineered animals.

We would like all children to use the image attached as a prompt for writing to create their own story.

Children should use the picture to answer: who, what, where, why, when, how questions.

These stories will be different for every child and will hopefully produce some wonderfully creative writing.

These stories were then be ‘published’ in class books with teachers choosing at least 3 examples to be written up in neat on a writing template and displayed on Literacy board!

Please look at the children's work in the pictures below. We think that these show the range of creative ideas and imagination that the children have come up with all from the same one image. You can also see how children from all of our age ranges have used this image differently!

We hope you enjoy!

Whole school writing project display