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Useful questions and prompts for discussing learning

Discussing learning
Some useful prompts for helping children discuss their learning:


  •        What did you learn today that you didn’t know before?
  •        How did you learn that?
  •        What helped you to learn       
  •        Who helped you to learn?
  •        Did you help anybody else to learn?
  •        Was there anything that you found difficult at first?   
  •        How did you overcome that?   
  •        What did you enjoy learning most? 
  •        Why        
  •        How could being able to… help you in the future?
  •        How does knowing… help you?
  •        Why is it important to know how to…?
  •        Can you show me how to…?
  •        What do you want to learn/improve at now?


Did you know…
We remember:
— 10% of what we read
— 20% of what we hear
— 30% of what we see
— 50% of what we hear and see
— 70% of what we discuss
— 80% of what we experience
— 95% of what we teach someone else