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Preparing your child for Nursery


Starting a new nursery marks a big change in your child’s life, and it helps to prepare.

There are lots of ways in which you can prepare your child for the world of Nursery


  • Read books together about children starting nursery.
  • Point out any friends or cousins who have recently started school or nursery and talk about the fun they are having.
  • Talk about your child’s interest and the things they will enjoy there – for example: “There’ll be lots of sand to play with – you’ll love that, or “There will be story time”.
  • Talk about the enjoyable activities they will be doing that build on things they already do at home – painting, drawing, cutting and pasting and listening to stories, for example.


There are also practical ways you can help your child settle in quickly:


  • Practise doing up buttons and fastening shoes (Velcro fastenings are best), but don’t worry or pressurize them if this proves too difficult as Foundation stage staff are happy to help in the early days.
  • Practise social skills, such as taking turns, following directions and making choices.
  • Toilet training to enable your child to be independent and confident in their new setting – practise using the toilet properly, flushing the chain, washing hands.
  • Teach simple chores that may be useful at Nursery such as packing away toys.
  • Help your child to recognise their names. Most children cannot read or write yet but they may be able to recognise the first letter of their name or even the whole word. If you want to help your child write their name, please remember to teach a capital first letter and then lower case.  Do not teach children all capital letters: this can be confusing.


Remember that all these activities should be fun. It is important not to pressurise your child.


  • Home visits will be held prior to your child starting Nursery.