We have a small number of places available for our Nursery Class for September 2022. Please contact the school office on - 01707375518 for further information.
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Physical Development

Physical Development 

  • PE Challenge: Blindfold obstacle course
    • What you need: A blindfold which could be a tea towel or jumper.
    • People: 2 or more
    • Play: Inside or outside
    • How to play:
      • Create an obstacle course using whatever you can find e.g. cushions, chairs, clothes horse etc.
      • One person begins blindfolded and the other person guides them around the obstacle course.
  • Try balancing a ball on a tennis racket / cricket bat / board. Can you move around the room without the ball falling off?
  • Try bouncing a ball. Start with a big ball like a basket ball. If this is too easy, try with a smaller ball like a tennis ball.
  • Create an obstacle course which includes some of these skills: throwing, bouncing, balancing, hopping, skipping, jumping, hula-hooping, dribbling a ball and anything else you want to include!
  • Make a poster that shows us how we can stay healthy. 
  • Make a healthy lunch or a fruit salad. Talk about what healthy alternatives we can have to our favourite (naughty) snacks!
  • Make models with modelling clay / play-dough / blue-tack to help strengthen your children's hands.
  • Create a pasta necklace / try threading beads onto pipe cleaners / thread buttons onto thread etc.  
  • Yoga -
  • Can you balance on one leg? How long for?

Please see below activities your child can complete at home during isolation...