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The Holy Family Catholic Primary School



After learning about God’s wonderful world, we went outside to look at how nature is growing and changing.



After talking about Bonfire Night we decided to make our own fires in Forest school. We worked together to gather leaves and sticks and arrange them in piles like bonfires.

To finish off, we took turns to toast marshmallows. We talked about keeping safe and testing our marshmallows before we tried them!


“We put them on top to make the fire.”



“Hold the stick at the end or you get burned.”


“The marshmallows are hot….. blow on them!”


“Can rub the sticks together to make the fire.”


“Be careful with fire or we get burned and go to hospital.”



“Fires need lots of sticks.”

After reading our whole school text, ‘Tango makes Three’, we made nests for our own eggs. We searched around the forest area and used the different items to make a cosy nest with our partner.


After making our big ears, we went on a walk to hear all the sounds around school. We listened for loud sounds and quiet sounds.



This week we have been thinking about our home and family. We went on a nature hunt around the field to find lots of resources to make our collage home.



“It is a feather to keep me warm in my house.”


“The leaves come from the trees.”


“Lots of leaves to make my house good.”