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As a family we live, love, learn and celebrate with Jesus


Children will receive their homework folders on a Thursday. 


Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please read to your child regularly and get your child to read to you on a regular basis. The children start on picture books where they are encouraged to make up stories, talk about the pictures and answer lots of questions. Once your child is ready they will move on to reading books with words, where they will need to be using high frequency words (Elmer words) and segmenting and blending. We will also be looking at their comprehension skills. In the front of your reading diary are some questions that you could ask your child whilst reading.


When your child is on books  they will receive an Elmer the elephant sheet with high frequency words on. They need to practise reading these on sight to help improve the fluency of their reading. We will assess them on these words when we read with them. 


We try and make homework as flexible as possible to suit all families, if you are struggling please come and speak to me.


Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.