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The Holy Family Catholic Primary School


We took a walk to the lagoon to look for signs of spring. We worked in teams to make nature pictures, look for mini beats, make nests, do egg and spoon races and go on an egg hunt. We experienced real spring weather but we still had great fun.

We made Easter nests to think about the symbols of Easter and remember Jesus's new life in heaven.

We decided to find out which farm animals Nursery like best. We counted how many children voted for each animal and compared amounts. We recognised that there were 2 animals with the same amount of votes.

We listened to the story "Rosie's walk" and then we drew a map of the hen's walk around the farm.

Today we took part in the Stations of the cross with Father Norbert. We led Station 6, and we all took part in making a collage showing Veronica wiping Jesus's face. We listened to a reading, we acted out the story and we sang a hymn. We thought about how we can be like Veronica and help others.

In RE we have been learning about Good Friday and remembering that Jesus died on the cross.

After learning about 2D shapes, in forest school we went on a hunt to make our own using different natural materials we could find!

We made our own super heroes and super villains using vegetables.

We worked in groups to make a trap to catch Evil Pea.

After listening to the story of 'Supertato' we decided to stop Evil Pea taking over our school! We made our own super hero masks then went searching for Evil Peas around the school. We made a mark for each one we found so we could count them all at the end.

For World Book Day, we used the puppets to make up our own stories. We drew them on the long paper so we could retell them to our friends.

We have been learning about how seeds grow. We planted some cress in the cotton wool so we can see the changes. We added water and we will look every day to see how the seeds grow.

We read the story Jasper's Beanstalk. We made our own giant beanstalk then added pictures of ourselves. We thought of different words to describe how we would get up the beanstalk. "climb" "stretch" "swing" "pull" "reach up"

We went to our Nursery shop to role play buying ingredients for pancakes. We wrote a list, selected the items then counted out the coins to pay for them at the till.

In Music we tapped patterns with our sticks, sang songs with actions and used the sticks to accompany the story "The little Red Hen"

We have been learning about Ash Wednesday. We used black paint to make the sign of the cross on our pictures.