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The Holy Family Catholic Primary School


For Feeling Good week, we have been thinking of ways we can be kind to others. We made our own kindness spots

To finish our space topic we had our alien tea party. We made some space cakes and we brought in our toys dressed as aliens.

In Outdoor learning we made our own nature planets

We planned our own space journeys. We packed our spaceships and set off!

We went on a star hunt around the playground. We counted the stars and made marks on our paper.

We have been learning about star constellations. We stuck stars on paper then joined them to make our own star constellation patterns.

After watching a rocket launch, we designed our own rockets used straws and lots of puffs to fire them into space.

We decided to make our rockets using junk modelling. We looked at different joining materials to create our models.

This week we started our topic on space. We read Whatever Next and used props to retell the story.

We used loose parts to make our decorations for Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We watched a dragon dance then worked in teams to make our own dance.

In PE we have started our topic on Gymnastics. We practised skipping, balancing and moving in different directions.

We have been exploring the Winter season. We have looked at and discussed the changes winter brings and practised writing our names in ‘snow’.

In forest school we thought about how we could care for the birds during winter, and we made some bird feeders to hang up in the trees.