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The Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Emotional Literacy

In Year One it is our class promise to ensure that we always work as a team and are inclusive to everyone at all times. We have designed our class rules together, which reflects our team spirit. 


As a school we have a special person system in which every child chooses one adult from the school staff that they can go to at any time to talk about any worries or concerns they might have.


Every morning we come into class and show how we are feeling by moving our name onto the emotion faces. We can then talk about how we are feeling if needed.


We also have a class worry box that we can put our name into when we need to talk to an adult. 

Our worry box is also supported by 2 class mascots who we can take for a cuddle when needed. These are also our work companions that join us during learning time or when we are making good choices with our friends.