We have a small number of places available for our Nursery Class for September 2022. Please contact the school office on - 01707375518 for further information.
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The Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Distinctive Nature of our Catholic School

The School owes its existence and special character to the fact that it was established by the Church to nurture Christ’s kingdom in its children and through the nature of its teaching in all subjects, to bring them to a deeper knowledge of and belief in God and a commitment to Him.
Every child is of equal importance. Pupils are valued for what they are rather than for what they can do and are given every opportunity for educational development to the highest level possible.
All are equal in the sight of God.
The features of a Catholic community include as a first premise – “Prayer and worship threaded through its daily life”.
As Catholics we believe that Religious Education is not one subject among many but the foundation for the entire educational process. The beliefs and values it communicates should inspire and unify every aspect of school life. It should provide the context for and substantially shape the school curriculum and offer living experience of the life of faith in its practical expression.
Religious Education is not only communicating knowledge – it is educating for a way of life, which is Christ centred. It follows that daily collective worship has always been at the centre of school life.

We also have a school statement on British Values which can be found on our Policies page.