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Design and Technology

Design and Technology at Holy Family


At The Holy Family School, we aim for the children to use their creativity and imagination to design and make products in a range of contexts. Design and technology is taught through a combination of defined design and technology projects, the direct teaching of skills and through activities integrated with cross curricular themes. Pupils learn how to take risks, becoming resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens. They evaluate designers and existing products to inspire them to create their own ideas and designs.


“Art and design is not just a subject to learn, but an activity that you can practise: with your hands, your eyes, your whole personality." Quentin Blake, Illustrator and Children's Laureate.


At Holy Family we aim to teach the children in Key Stage 1, to:
a. generate ideas by drawing on their own and other people's experiences
b. develop ideas by shaping materials and putting together components
c. talk about their ideas
d. plan by suggesting what to do next as their ideas develop
e. communicate their ideas using a variety of methods, including drawing and making models

We aim to teach the children in Key Stage 2, to:
a. generate ideas for products after thinking about who will use them and what they will be used for, using information from a number of sources, including ICT-based sources
b. develop ideas and explain them clearly, putting together a list of what they want their design to achieve
c. plan what they have to do, suggesting a sequence of actions and alternatives, if needed
d. communicate design ideas in different ways as these develop, bearing in mind aesthetic qualities, and the uses and purposes for which the product is intended.

Long Term Overview of Design and Technology