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Our reading scheme
At Holy Family School we use The Oxford Reading Tree as our main scheme. Mixed in with this we have books from many other schemes intended to broaden the children's reading experience at every level. Children move through the reading scheme at various rates, reading more, or fewer books from each level according to their own personal reading development. Your child's teacher will always be happy to provide more information about how we teach reading at Holy Family.


In year four, we have guided reading three times a week, practising reading and comprehension skills. We also practise our handwriting skills twice a week, during our handwriting sessions, trying to get ready for our pen licenses.


The children are encouraged to read five times a week and in weekends at home and are awarded a certificate in the Assembly, if they can achieve this.

If they achieve this four times in a month, they are the reader of the month. If they read every day during the whole tern/ year, they become readers of the term/ year, and they will receive a certificate and a surprise present.