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The Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Catholic Social Teaching

At The Holy Family School Catholic Social Teaching is incorporated into our school curriculum. Children are asked to put their faith into action and reflect on how their learning enables them to do so.


We show Solidarity by:

  • raising awareness of social justice
  • praying for others
  • making connections
  • making socially responsible choices

We recognise the human dignity of others by:

  • being respectful
  • treating people equally
  • raising awareness of civil rights



We show we are part of a community by:

  • working together
  • working for the common good
  • participating and engaging
  • being active members of out community

We show we care for creation by:

  • taking responsibility for our environment
  • making environmentally responsible choices
  • having awe and wonder for the natural world

We show we recognise the dignity of workers by:

  • respecting all workers
  • contributing to society
  • making responsible economic choices
  • supporting wellbeing and workers' rights
  • sharing our talents with others

We acknowledge our rights and responsibilities by:

  • recognising our duties as members of a community
  • standing up for what is right
  • following our school rules




We show a preferential option for the poor and vulnerable by:

  • fundraising for charitable causes
  • raising awareness
  • treating others with dignity and respect
  • thinking of the needs of others


At our school we have been working collaboratively with other local Catholic primary and secondary schools on 'Building the Kingdom.'


Through our BTK work we have through liturgical year themes explored with our pupils the concept of big questions of purpose and meaning to contextualise learning across the curriculum whilst promoting Catholic Social Teaching.


Some examples of the collaborative work we have undertaken with other schools is a cross school celebration of the feast of Pentecost. The children spent a week away from their usual curriculum and learning was based on the symbols of Pentecost, Fire, Water and Wind.


We continue to work collaboratively with our neighbouring schools on Building the Kingdom projects this academic year with an exciting project on 'Advocacy for Oracy' and 'The leaders of tomorrow.'

'Advocacy for Oracy' - Leaders of Tomorrow


This term as part of our 'Building the Kingdom ' work our Year 5 pupils have been working on a cross school project with Nicholas Breakspear Catholic secondary school and Our lady's, St Phillip Howard and Pope Paul Primary Schools.

The aim of this project was to enable our pupils to confidently speak in public about their passions and what they want to see from the leaders of tomorrow in both church and state. Ultimately we want our children to be the leaders of tomorrow!


We were very proud of our Year 5 pupils as they led a seminar about leadership at Holy Family and our pupils Amelie and Flynn who spoke with confidence and assurance in front of a large audience at Wyllyotts Theatre about the leaders of tomorrow.


This was a fantastic cross school project that we will build on across the year.