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 Nursery Welcome Letter

At Holy Family Nursery, our aim is to provide a safe, caring and happy environment in which your child can learn through play. This is where they will begin to develop the skills to progress through the school as independent, successful learners. We hope that you and your child will find the time spent with us happy and rewarding.
Nicola Piggott– Class Teacher
Lauren Maisey – Nursery Nurse
Classroom Organisation
The basis for learning within the Foundation Stage is through child initiated play. During the morning session, the children will have free access to all areas of learning both inside and outside (dependent on the weather) and within both classrooms. Each day begins with the children finding their name label on the carpet next to a range of selected activities, so they can engage in learning as soon as they arrive.  Once the doors close at 9.00am we have some carpet time with a teacher led activity.  The children are then able to choose from the range of activities within the Foundation Stage during their child initiated learning time.  During snack time we reflect on our morning activities and towards the end of the morning the children all gather together again on the carpet for a story or song time.  Show and Tell is held every Friday, so please feel free to send in anything that your child is especially proud of, or that they would love to share with the class. We would really like to see what your child interests are or whether they are involved in any outside school activities.

Key Workers
It is an Early Years requirement that each child has a key worker who is responsible for “developing a genuine bond with the child and offering a settled relationship.” (EYFS Statutory Requirements.) Miss Cousins and Mrs Piggott keep an overall view of the Foundation Stage to ensure children are happy and confident within the setting, with the support of Mrs Turner and Mrs Maisey.
PE and Own Clothes
For the Autumn and Spring terms children will do PE in their own clothes, but PE kits will be required for the Summer term. This is in preparation for Reception where they will be expected to change for PE lessons: it is also progression within the Development Matters (EYFS). I will give further information about this during the Spring term in order that parents have ample time to obtain the Holy Family School PE kit.
Put your child’s name on everything and show your child where the labels are! 
Drinks and Snacks

Fresh water is available throughout the day.  Each child has their own water bottle with their name on.  At snack time the children can have milk or water from their bottles. Children will have a snack of fruit or vegetable, usually bananas, satsumas, apples, carrots, tomato or raisins. We will not peel fruit and vegetables: encouraging children to try to peel fruit and vegetables is an important part of developing their independence

The Toilet
 To help your child feel confident and independent in Nursery, please consider the following:
·         Are they able to express the need to go to the toilet?
·         Can your child manage their own toileting?
·         If your child needs changing on a regular basis, are you prepared to support staff by being available to change your child during Nursery time?
Most children manage really well in the short nursery session, however, accidents do happen!  Therefore, could you please provide your child with a spare, labelled set of clothes to keep on their peg.
 At Home
The EYFS curriculum is used in schools to assess children’s progress.  The following home activities would help to meet the Early Learning Goals for self care:

  • Dress and undress
  • Remove their coat, gloves, hat etc, and hang them up
  • Fasten own shoes (Velcro)
  • Use the toilet properly, flush after use, wash and dry their hands
  • Tidy/clear away toys
  • Uses a handkerchief/tissue properly
  • Talk about surroundings


Opportunities to Visit the Classroom

Once the children have had the chance to settle in a bit we would really appreciate any help you can offer in the classroom.  You may be able to commit to a regular slot or possibly just a few mornings or afternoons throughout the year.  Having parents in the classroom is a way of showing the children that we all work together for them.

We appreciate that beginning Nursery is a big step for children (and their parents!) We will work with you to make this transition as smooth as possible. We hope that this welcome pack has provided you with all the information you need to help settle your child into our Nursery class. If however you have any further questions or would like clarification on any points please do not hesitate to contact us.
We very much look forward to working with you and your children.