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Additional activities

Additional activities to do with your child

Active maths and literacy activities


Look at numbers/ shapes in the environment. 


Count everyday items – stairs, socks, knives and forks, pointing to each one as a number is said.


Practise putting shoes and socks on and off.


Practise putting own coat on and fastening.


Share the weekly Wednesday word Gospel reading with your child.


Share a story with your child. Discuss the events, setting, characters. Ask questions such as 'What do you think will happen next?' Let your child turn the page. 


Ask your child to retell the story from your memory? Do you have any questions about the characters or the story? Answer 'how' or 'why' questions based on the story. 


Give your child a challenge. Can they follow more than 1 instruction? They could be silly things such as 'First, find a sock, then, put it on your hand, finally, sing a song with your sock as a puppet with a funny voice'! See if they follow more and more instructions at once! 


When doing an activity, ask a 'how' or 'why' question and see if the children can answer them, e.g. 'why do you think the ball floats on the water?', 'why do these bugs hide under a log?', 'how do you think this character is feeling?', 'how do birds fly?'. The children's ideas can be so amazing!


Create and tell a story with your toys as the characters.


Use sticks to make marks in the mud


Make different marks with brushes and water outside