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As a family we live, love, learn and celebrate with Jesus

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school


Ginnette Stevens - Headteacher
Katie Worton-Geer - Deputy Headteacher
Jackie Willcocks - School Business Manager


Sam Cushion - Admin Assistant/Reception


Teaching Staff
Nicola Piggott - Nursery
Sinead Cousins - Reception
Yvette Scott- Year 1
Anoushka Camadoo- Year 2
Julie Thomas- Year 3
Chris Wright- Year 4
Sophie Smith - Year 5
Shauna Corbett- Year 6
Kerry Rutherford - KS2 PPA Cover Teacher
Daniella Hall - SENDCO 


Support Staff

Alwyn Scales - Nursery Nurse

June Oudnie -  TA Year 1 AM Reception PM
Dionne Turner - TA Reception AM
Ana McNulty - TA Y1 PM
Melanie Williams - TA Year 2
Jan Kealy - TA Year 3

Ann Jobson - TA Year 4
Ariella Tamburello - TA Year 5

Pauline O'Connor - TA Year 6


Roma DiGiulio - HLTA/TA Float
Lunchtime Supervisors

Alwyn Scales - Senior Meal Supervisor
Janet Weston
Anna McNulty
Nuala Scales
Melenie Williams
Ewelina Hinc
Alejandra Kenward


Michael Harrison - Site Services Manager
Susan Everitt - Cleaner
Julie Clark - Contract Cleaner

First Aiders

Alwyn Scales

Dionne Turner

June Oudnie

Roma DiGiulio

Ana McNulty

Alejandra Kenward

Parish Priest - Fr. Norbert

Peripetetic Art Teacher - Lucynder Howard

Peripetetic Dance -  Corrine Stanford


Peripetetic Music - Caroline Ridley

Plus many more volunteers and visiting specialists!